KMM — Sample Android & iOS

What is KMM ?

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) is a platform provided by JetBrain for the development of cross platform mobile applications. Multiplatform programming is one of the key benefits of kotlin which reduces time in writing and maintaining the same code for different platforms.

Building first KMM App

Software and OS Used

  1. Install KMM Plugin in Android Studio.
  2. Create new KMM Application from the project template.
iOS And Android Emulators.

KMM Codebase

When moving on to the KMM codebase we can see that it consists of three modules, shared module (Kotlin module — common code for both android and iOS), androidApp module (Kotlin module — Builds the android application) and iosApp module (Xcode module — Builds the iOS application).

Shared Module

Use Cases




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Amal Jofy

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